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What Is Ultimate SEO?

Ultimate SEO is a unique solution to your search engine need.  We’re highly technical and audience intuitive but driven by the data. 

There are countless individuals who will repeat your chosen keyword over and over on a page.  That’s not what we do.  Our motto is “Make An Impact” and we can for you.

I’m Matthew Leffler, in 20 years of experience in technical fields and as an big data tech trainer at Hewlett Packard my background sets Ultimate SEO apart.  

This skill set made me an Information Governance Software Trainer at Hewlett-Packard and I’ve worked at Gateway and Accenture.  I started Ultimate SEO in 2017 and through Upwork I’ve built a solid reputation.   I’ve never not been Top Rated there.

I founded Ultimate SEO LLC to build on the brand of SEO my clients have seen in action.  Our actions include improving DA by doubling referring domains to 800, improving traffic by 1200% or earning 1300 new keywords in 2 months.  However you define success we can reach it.

And success is not always about money.  Sometimes its about beginning a new journey and doing good.  Ultimate SEO LLC believes everyone needs a chance to learn and work with technology.  We’re founding corporate sponsors of a tech nonprofit called LFI that aims to improve the opportunities others have in using and learning technology.  Check out the Leffler Foundation Inc site for more info.

From our original Political SEO experience USEO has proven results and built on our local SEO skills in Chicago, New York City and Louisville SEO markets.  We have a strong focus Off Page SEOTechnical SEO and Page Speed Optimization.  This has made us innovators in site structure, data visualization with Google Data Studio and Cloud Computing infrastructure designed to rank.

These insights and backgrounds translate into rank-worthy content and an optimization experience beyond the average SEO…even beyond a Good SEO.  Review the site and hopefully you find use in the work spent here.  Feel free to contact us to learn what Ultimate SEO can do for you or visit our SEO store.


FAQs / Glossary

We have provided several free resources to you through our SEO Forum to the quick answer SEO FAQs. We are also developing videos on our Youtube channel which will cover popular topics in SEO, SEM, PPC and SMM. Don't know what those mean? You should check out our FAQ.

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CCPA and GDPR represent huge changes to data driven digital marketing domains. SEO, SEM,SMO,SMM all rely upon data to perform.

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SMO or Social Media Optimization is the organic unpaid marketing techniques utilized in social media. Similar to SEO.

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Social Media Marketing is paid promotion of content in social media. Its similar to SEM and uses nonorganic methods.

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SEO is about organic results. Paid results, including PPC or Google Adwords are part of SEM Search Engine Marketing. Ultimate SEM is our site dedicated to PPC and SEM services.


Blizzard SEO provides subscription SEO services to ensure your site and SEO efforts remain insync.

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SEO Tool Box

We offer several SEO Tools throughout the site for free. These include keyword generators, online site auditors, search engine position tracking, backlink checkers, link building, guest post directories and a lot more.

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We offer a wide selection of SEO solutions all of which are customized to our clients. We also offer "SEO By The Hour" from within our online store where you can book a one hour meeting to discuss the topic of your choice or you can use these 1 hour blocks towards projects you define.

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If content is king, we're building a palace. SEOArticle.org is a new venture where we are matching content writers with a network of RSS feeds that can provide free syndicated content to subscribing websites.

Technology NonProfit LFI
LFI is a technology nonprofit seeking donated laptops for adult learners in Kentucky

Search Engine Optimization Articles

Picking The Best Keywords For Your Site

What is the best burger in town? Thats your keyword, not your burger brand. Keywords For Google Ranking SEO efforts always start out with the simplest goal. Every web site wants to rank for their name. UltimateSEO.org for instance, most people would say how does it rank for Ultimate SEO? But thats honestly not of any value, think about it … the only people searching Ultimate SEO are those who already know about you. More likely you’re the only one searching your brand name unless your a huge company. Finding Your Keywords Your name is what I call a vanity keyword. Others will call it a “Branded Keyword.” It would be great to rank for it but its only for your peace of mind. In a recent election I had to explain to the candidate that ranking for his name would be nice but wouldnt he rather rank for every other candidates name on the ballot? Heres a bit of an exchange I had with a prospective client’s question on a keyword. Local SEO Review site…gotcha. So you’d potentially have “New Hope Restaurants” “New Hope Festivals” “What’s Happening Tonight In New Hope” stuff like that are likely going to be …
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CCPA and GDPR Solutions

CCPA and GDPR are both in effect now.  If you aren’t familiar check out our article CCPA and GDPR 2020: What They Mean To Your Site We now offer compliance packages in the SEO Store, as well as CCPAGDPR.org There’s no time to wait, as compliance has already become required …
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CCPA, GDPR, 2020 And What They Mean To Your Site

CCPA AND GDPR Shoulda Made It On Your Radar by now, but I bet it hasn’t. At least based on the random 24 sites I visited today. Nearly three in four sites have no CCPA or GDPR mandated announcements. WHAT ARE COOKIES From the early days of the internet you’ve received cookies. Cookies are a small text file that identifies you to a site once you visit it. Now how does it identify you? Not specifically in and of themselves, think of them as tokens. Or prize tickets … the token or ticket doesn’t have to have information directly about you it could be just a number. Say you visit my site I give you a cookie and it has a number I assigned to you. You’re 777. You come back a day later and your computer shows your cookie and I know that 777 was here yesterday so you’ve returned. I may show content specifically for a returning visitor. I may already know what content you saw on my site from last time. Seems harmless enough but that was the dawn of the internet today sites aggregate data, for instance Google Analytics runs on a lot of sites. Maybe …
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Google Analytics And Adwords In Data Studio

Previously we’ve discussed Google Data Studio as a possible Wordstream Alternative and in Google Data Studio Knows Everything SEO, Or It Can we’ve noted to ability to combine different data sets from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads and more. These combined data sources allow us to produce rich graphs that are easy to understand but key to website performance and search engine positioning. In this article we’re going to look further in the implications for your digital marketing strategy when PPC is fueled by Data Studio. Data From Multiple Sources To Improve Your CPC Campaign Adwords ads are priced along some similar factors as SEO.  The landing page experience is the prime example.  If Adwords or Google Ads determines your user experience is going to be poor it penalizes you by charging more .. many times more driving up your ad costs. It makes sense though, Google wants to deliver good user experiences so for them to send people to a poorly designed page with little relevancy it’ll cost you.  This metric is the quality score and it is a ten point scale.  1 meaning its awful and 10 it cant be any better. Monitoring our data we …
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What is SEO? SEM SMM and even SMO

Each of these four domains of knowledge are collectively Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is the promotion of online content to targeted audiences. Search Engine Optimization or SEO SEO is the oldest domain of Digital Marketing. Don’t be fooled though by the length of time this has been around. SEO is fluid and often changes making the methods of five, ten or twenty years ago worthless, if not a liability. Search Engine Marketing SEM is the second oldest and can be called PPC or Pay Per Click. PPC is actually a form of SEM you could pay per impression or pay per conversion. The key commonality of SEM methods that seperates it from SEO is that it is paid. Social Media Optimization or SMO Social Media is a ranking factor and it has been for sometime. SMO is the counterpart of SEO but rather than Search Engine’s the target is Social Media. Its all about creating a buzz and maintaining if through organic shares and retweets. Social Media Marketing or SMM SMM is the SEM counterpart with Social Media. Its paid, unlike SEO and SMO. Paying Facebook to boast your post is an example of SMM Why does SEO, SMM, SEM …
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Directory Site Backlinks

Directory sites are a valid and important source of backlinks.  Is your site listed in the Yellowpages?  Isit registered with the BBB?  The BBB is actually an excellent backlink source.  Local SEO also relies heavily on directory sites.  Often noted as “Citations” for you to out rank in local search you should be listed on Yelp.com, Google My Business the list goes on and on.  Your local chamber of commerce is also an excellent source of backlinks  these all help establish legitimacy for your site and help Google rank the local options available for users searches.To that end directory sites are worth the effort todayand in 2020.  Not all sites are equal but the more the merrier.  Below are directory sites we run, you may submit a listing free! Thats 6 sites right there that you can submit too and gain a backlink. Here are some more, not operated by Ultimate SEO.1.      All Free Things  (Page Rank 4)
http://www.allfreethings.com 2. Free PR Web Directory (Page Rank 6)
http://www.freeprwebdirectory.com 3. Travel Tourism Directory Info (Page Rank 6)
http://www.traveltourismdirectory.info 4.  So Much (Page Rank 6)
http://www.somuch.com 5. High Rank Directory …
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Disavowing theglobe.net bad backlinks from Sweden

theglobe.net What’s worse?  The crappy website they have with no content and just super spammy links or the fact that you nor I ever asked for that bad backlink?  The fact that the charge to delete a link to you at $35 a link shows how they crash your backlink party.  But hey, Google knows this right, they wouldn’t hurt your site still…wrong! Monetized Bad Backlink Site With Spam Links I wish we could collect money like a nonprofit from SEOs everywhere and raise the $10,000,000 asking price of theglobe.com and just turn it off.  Why is it I hate theglobe.com so much?  Cause their links are bad. Previous to this post I’ve always said don’t use the Disavow Tool unless facing a manual penalty.  Its the Google answer … but I tried something, disavowed a few hundred domains all connected to theglobe.net and over the next 3 weeks I saw a marked improvement in keywords and their position. A client had the same issue.  300 domains from Sweden many with theglobe.com in their domain name mostly all with it at least in the page title included in their link profile. After Disavowing theglobe.net and theglobe.com Not A Link Building …
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Google Data Studio Knows Everything SEO, Or It Can

SEO Integration With Google Data Studio
This is a big project that has been in the works for a year unbeknownst to anyone until it was … A client implemented a new inventory and POS solution and during a meeting he’d asked about Reporting and I then laid the desire out to utilize Google Data Studio.The use of Google Data studio was so attractive because it integrates into so many data repositories.  The more data the more we miss but the more integrated data that’s unstoppable insights.“If HP knew half of what HP knows, we’d be unstoppable.” – Lew Platt HP CEOSEO Is Big Data.Lets consider the implications of integrating our data into one visual tool. 
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Adwords
  • Mail Chimp
All easily already integrate into Google Data Studio..  The value add of these 5 tools in itself is impressive.  Data Studio Demo Report The brilliance though is this integration of the POS … the system uses a Ms SQL database so we actually don’t have to even care about the POS.  Connected directly to the Ms SQL we utilize a service called Stitch tointegrate with Ms SQL then to transfer that data in regular intervals too …
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It is Ultimate SEO LLC’s policy to prohibit intentional and unintentional harassment of any individual by another person on the basis of any protected classification including, but not limited to, race, color, national origin, disability, religion, marital status, veteran status, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, and sexual orientation), or age. The purpose of this policy is not to regulate our employees’ personal morality, but to ensure that in the workplace, no one harasses another individual. If the employee feels that he or she has been subjected to conduct which violates this policy, he or she should immediately report the matter to their direct supervisor. If the employee is unable for any reason to contact this person, or if the employee has not received a satisfactory response within five (5) business days after reporting any incident of what the employee perceives to be harassment, the employee should contact their Bambee HR Manager. If the person toward whom the complaint is directed is one of the individuals indicated above, the employee should contact any higher-level manager in his or her reporting hierarchy. Every report of perceived harassment will be fully investigated and corrective action will be taken where appropriate. All complaints will …
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Business Checking Review: Online Azlo Vs Local Branch BBT, 5th 3rd, BOM, Chase

Alittle off the path of SEO and more a look at small business services and startups if you’ve ever wanted to start your own company I’d encourage you to do so yesterday.  Theres nothing more rewarding than knowing you’re efforts are going to be noticed by the boss when bonuses come around, when you’re your own boss. Think about how many times you’ve rolled your eyes about a stupid company policy that you felt inhibited your ability to do your job.  Now imagine you actually have the ability to do it your way.  Thats the freedom of being your own boss, but we cant do it alone entirely. Banking is an essential element of business.  While you may get away with running your funds through a personal account for awhile you’ll eventually find that a separate account thats actually intended for business is helpful in determining the difference between business and personal income and expenses. I opened a Business Checking account with Azlo Bank for Ultimate SEO right after I LLCed it in July 2019.  They were fast and easy to open and fund the account.  I didn’t feel like trekking down to a bank branch locally and having to …
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Ultimate SEO LLC Receives Grant From Louisville Metro Government

Ultimate SEO LLC being a small business that caters to small business has felt the effects on small businesses.  Louisville Metro Government offered businesses the opportunity to apply for $50,000 grants as part of a “Louisville Forward” initiative to help businesses deal with the effects of COVID-19. We’re pleased to announce that our application was approved in August and many of the tasks of day to day operations will continue with the same amount of contractor hours. The total amount of grants approved to businesses in Louisville  is a substantial investment in the regions economy.  So far of the 21 million dollars budgeted, 16 million has been awarded. 35.9% of grants have been awarded to Women businesses and LGBTQ businesses.  An additional 25% was awarded to minority owned small businesses. Ultimate SEO LLC received the first disbursement in late August and has provided financial records and payroll information totaling the first disbursements amount …
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Ultimate SEO LLC Sponsors Tech Nonprofit’s New Tech University

The last month, I’ve not updated the site here and thats a rarity.  Ive not gotten lazy, actually the opposite.  Ultimate SEO LLC has had a long history of hiring contractors who wanted to learn SEO and weren’t that tech knowledgeable on day one.  We’d provide them with a Windows laptop (at least dual core with 8 gb memory) a job and tasks that weren’t too hard but offered exposure to the business. This past February, pre Coronavirus, a nonprofit thats now a 501c3 was formed with Ultimate SEOs funding and Matthew Leffler’s direction.  LFI which has a web site at LFIKY.org is attempting to address a complex and super difficult problem.  17,000 young adults in Louisville are unemployed and not in school.  They’re often nearly homeless or homeless. Of the young adult homeless population 40% identify as LGBTQ.  That is astounding since LGBTQ make up less than 10% of the population. The single largest factor cited for why they are homeless is family rejection. Matt Leffler, is a member of the local LGBTQ chamber of commerce and the national NGLCC.  But 20 yrs ago if family rejection had happened to him its anyone’s guess what life would be like …
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Optimizing For Site Speed: Page Load To SEO Cloud Server Infrastructure

TrueInfluence.com has been an Ultimate SEO client for several months now. During that time a central project has been to deliver the company’s web pages in three seconds or less. TrueInfluence is a data intelligence marketing organization. IntentBase is a product of theirs and they are focused heavily in lead generation and demand generation. The TrueInfluence site scored the expected failing grade with Think Google, Pingdom and GTMetrix.com. It also failed GTMetrix in site optimization. In the end it took up to twelve seconds to load their homepage of multiple layers of graphics and animations. Predicting a company’s next clients is a data driven science. They consume 60 million pieces of data a day to fuel that intent data. As a B2B lead generation provider they are in a highly competitive world but their site speed wasn’t doing them any favors. It is typical though where a technology focused organization becomes hyper focused on client initiatives that they forget to their own foot print online. Its hard to strike the balance between delivering for your clients or delivering results for yourself. Predicting a company’s next clients is a data driven science. They consume 60 million pieces of data a day …
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Is A Site Low Level? DA vs CF vs TF … DR, DS, AS, TS and more!

This article speaks in terms of whether you should scrap a site and just 301 backlinks to another if it is performing poorly. But it speaks to what IS performing poorly. There is also another article more recently written all about SEO Metrics that might serve as a good read after you consider this article’s points. Whats A Good DA TF CF DS DR? Alright so I’m going to attempt to answer this the way you want. A number…but before I do lets say its a subjective question. Its literally like asking a friend who is the hottest actor or actress alive today. How many sites are on the internet? 1.5 billion. I cant look up all their DAs. So lets form a couple groups that we don’t pick who is in it. First off we can use Moz’s numbers but thats not scientific. Moz Claims The Average DA By Industry Is: 86.2 Media & Publishing 78.6 Higher Education 75.5 Sports And Entertainment 71.2 Accommodation And Food Service 67.5 Software and Applications 67.5 Healthcare 67.0 Business Services 64.6 Retail 64.0 Consumer Goods 63.1 Construction Products 61.5 Real Estate 60.0 Finance And Insurance 58.3 Wellness Thats bull shit. First, …
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The Top Digital Agencies Of 2020

The Top Digital Agencies Of 2020, According to DesignRush Reposted From Yahoo Finance DesignRush ranked the top digital agencies of 2020 that help brands to achieve growth online using expertise in branding, design, technology, marketing and global industries. NEW YORK, June 4, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The best full-service digital agencies combine a group of experts from all areas of branding, design, technology, marketing and global industries. DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, identified the leading agencies in 2020 that provide an array of digital services to help brands grow and succeed through online channels. The top digital agencies of 2020 are: 1. Appetite Creative Appetite Creative Solutions is a creative technology agency that aims to create tech agnostic and unique solutions for clients. They have worked with global clients and have a global vision. Appetite Creative’s team has diverse experience and a shared drive for quality and creativity. https://www.appetitecreative.com/ 2. Athena Media Singapore Athena Media Singapore is a digital marketing agency focused on building unique design and marketing strategies. They help clients enter the digital world with a brand identity which draws attention and establishes an online presence that maximizes success. 3. Comrade Web Agency Comrade Web Agency …
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Value Of SEO Backlinks From A Press Release – Experiment

SEO Experiments Vs HearsayOne thing I hope folks appreciate about the articles and topics I cover is the experimentation. This article is not any different from our previous discussions based on real world observations. Some of these original articles based on experiments include:Its important to read what others have discovered but you have to take everyone’s opinion for what it is … an opinion. If its based on hearsay, then its not even their opinion … its just a repeated opinion from some unnamed source. With that said I’ll stop preach onWhat Is The Value Of SEO Backlinks From Press Releases in 2020Recently I signed up to be included in a press release. The link to our site’s homepage was distributed on PRWeb to 102 outlets. The main question now is how will this affect organic ranking and visibility. From …
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Technical SEO: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS

This post originally only focused on cost and user experience when we reviewed DigitalOcean vs AWS vs Google Cloud.  After a real world case study and experiment we have some performance data and it is actually surprising.Digital Ocean vs AWSBefore testing servers I recall stating in a conference call “We all know AWS is gonna win, but ya we can test it.”  As a client’s IT team wanted to move our project team’s DigitalOcean web server on to one platform.Teaser here … in a head to head test between Digital Ocean vs AWS one of these  two out performed the other in:
  1. rate of requests handled
  2. number of requests processed
  3. time it took to process each request.
  4. The same winner of those also won 10 / 10 page speed tests and the results were not close.
The results of these tests convinced a previously skeptical client’s IT team into adopting the team’s choice in cloud providers.Scroll down to the section “VPS Performance” to see more about that specific use case scenario, or click the blue button just below.  Ultimate SEO has accounts on all but Azure and has powered its servers from AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean at some point.  We’ve consolidated to one provider …
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Multi-Domain Strategy In SEO … Risky But Lets Have Some Risk

Another Article On This Topic Check out our discussion of reducing the domains of one client and why it was great to do it. Multidomain Strategy Client Story Multi-Domain Strategy In SEO So I feel like its everyone’s dream to be a media conglomerate, why buy one newspaper when you can buy 100s?  Well, SEO and the internet are one big community…so in the analogy … why build multiple newspapers in the same city?  No one would do that and it’s about the same with the internet or at least it should be…but everyone wants to have multiple top ranking domains. Real Life Examples Of Multiple Domains There is only two ways this could work out…
  • Your brand is merging with another equally powerful and recognized brand and dissolving either brand will leave a huge gap that competitors will fill fast than you can with your one brand.  Example … Zillow bought Trulia for 3.5 billion they represent the number one and number two home listings sites.  They have continued to operate two sites in the same niche because anything other than what they have now is less than optimal.  SO … you can do the same when your …
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52 Mostly Free SEO Tools I Actually Use

Free SEO Tools I Actually Use This is a list of resources available through external sites and YES I actually use 98% of them.  I have not received anything from any of these sites and these site links are not affiliate links …. this is simply a list of SEO Tools mostly free that do something really well. No one tool does everything perfectly, if there was one I’d still want a second opinion.  In the future as I post blog articles I’ll likely reference this post which will provide a more detailed explanation of each entry. SEO Tools List Ultimate Free SEO Tool – This is a newer tool we’ve added to our site and while it does a lot of stuff that other paid site do we are offering it totally free. You simply have to register an account so that it can help you track changes to your site, its rankings, backlinks and more. 1 SEO Tools On Other Sites Backlinks

How To Rank Your Site On Google…Forget the Keywords

How To Rank Your Site On Google…Forget the Keywords Well don’t totally forget the keywords but I think if you spend more than 5 minutes on keywords you’re going to be pretty surprised by some purported data I stumbled across.  As you likely know Google uses about 200 factors in determining your sites ranking.  I personally have place a lot of emphasis on speed and backlinks and while I have thought it was important I must admit I didn’t give the social media factor as much attention as I should. The first big thing to not is that 10.3% of ranking is CTR so if you have ever seen your content just jump up on the rankings and then slowly (or quickly) taper off as time goes its likely that people are clicking on you less and less as you slide below the pages.  Its the single biggest impact.  I feel Google gives you the benefit of doubt at first ranking you higher than average and then they allow people to determine if your site is worth it.  That’s important to consider and similar to conversion rates. When we take human behavior out we have largely backlinks and social media
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52 Mostly Free SEO Tools I Actually Use

Free SEO Tools I Actually Use This is a list of resources available through external sites and YES I actually use 98% of them.  I have not received anything from any of these sites and these site links are not affiliate links …. this is simply a list of SEO Tools mostly free that do something really well. No one tool does everything perfectly, if there was one I’d still want a second opinion.  In the future as I post blog articles I’ll likely reference this post which will provide a more detailed explanation of each entry. SEO Tools List Ultimate Free SEO Tool – This is a newer tool we’ve added to our site and while it does a lot of stuff that other paid site do we are offering it totally free. You simply have to register an account so that it can help you track changes to your site, its rankings, backlinks and more. 1 SEO Tools On Other Sites Backlinks

A WordPress Design, SEO and Adwords Project Completed

WordPress, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, SEO, SQL, Adwords by Matthew Leffler Technology I have a solid record of identifying a problem and making a solution that yields measurable results. I was recently the technology manager for a political campaign where I built a WHM/cPanel server on CentOS using Amazon Web Services to host about 14 WordPress websites. The server also provides mailing lists, a team management site, RSS feeds augmentation and its own name servers. I was able to get the server and sites built in a couple months. I’ve managed the SEO and Adwords for these sites and have data that helps demonstrate the value I added to the organization. Some of these sites include (all WordPress): https://www.ackerson2018.com https://www.votelouisville.com https://www.jeffersoncountyattorney.net https://www.countyattorney.info https://www.forbrent.com https://www.brentackerson.info https://mikeoconnell.info https://women.forbrent.com https://labor.forbrent.com https://40216.forbrent.com https://lgbtq.forbrent.com I created the following sites for myself: http://www.mattleffler.me (Bootstrap) https://www.matthewleffler.com https://www.data502.com (HTML/CSS) https://www.cloud502.com I currently host all of these sites on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 server running CentOS and WHM. I also built an SQL server with large tables of voter records, city crimes, city financial payments, jail population censuses, web traffic data. This web server is integrated with …
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Adding A User To Bing Ads

Adding A User To An Existing Bing Account You can add an Admin to your account in Bing by clicking on the green gear next to your email address in the upper right-hand corner of the screen after you’re logged in. Notice on the left-hand side of the main menu the second option is Users. Select Users Click the green button “Invite user” You’ll be asked to enter First and Last Name as well as Email address. Choose a role. My Information
  • Advertiser Campaign Manager. This role has permissions to view selected accounts and add, edit, or delete campaigns within the selected accounts.
  • Standard User. This role has permissions to manage campaigns, perform some billing activities on selected accounts, and manage users (except Super Admins).
It’s likely best to start off with the most restrictive and if you need to give more access you can later. I suggest Advertiser Campaign Managerthis role has less permissions than Standard and Super Admin Click Send Like this: Like Loading… Related Adding A User To Bing Ads
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Adding a User to Google Adwords as an Admin

The easiest way to allow someone else to administer your Google Adwords campaigns is likely to add them as an Admin to your existing account. This allows you to own the campaigns and keep the records long after the user has ended their work on your project. It also leaves you still in charge of the budget and keeps you in an oversight role of your campaign. Google has made it easy to add an Admin to Adwords. Step One. In Adwords click the wrench, labeled “TOOLS” you’ll be able to then select “Account Access” From the Account Access screen click the blue circle with the plus in it on the left-hand side of the page. A lightbox opens with four options. To add an Admin who will be able to manage the accounts campaign you will likely need to select “Standard” This gives them access to the make changes to the campaigns but doesn’t allow them to manage who has access to the account, that stays with you. After selecting “Standard” you can enter their email address. If you’ve hired me, you can add me using the following email address: Once you have completed this all you need to do is set back and keep up …
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Adobe Flash Ends A Decade Late

Adobe Will No Longer Support Flash After 2020, 10 Years After Steve Jobs Argued Why It Should End In 2010. Google Announced in September 2019 that it was phasing out support for Flash from its Chrome browser following Adobe;s announcement that they would end support in 2020.  Apple users wont likely hear much about the end of Flash, in 2010,  Steve Jobs wrote a scathing review of Flash and in it explained why Apple products wouldn’t support it. Google’s Flash Announcement: For 20 years, Flash has helped shape the way that you play games, watch videos and run applications on the web. But over the last few years, Flash has become less common. Three years ago, 80 percent of desktop Chrome users visited a site with Flash each day. Today usage is only 17 percent and continues to decline. This trend reveals that sites are migrating to open web technologies, which are faster and more power-efficient than Flash. They’re also more secure, so you can be safer while shopping, banking, or reading sensitive documents. They also work on both mobile and desktop, so you can visit your favorite site anywhere. These open web technologies became the default experience for Chrome late last year when …
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Adwords And Google Data Studio: Wordstream Alternative

I’ve been managing Google Adwords campaigns for political campaigns mostly but recently I stepped out into managing the Adwords campaigns for an IT consulting company. It’s a little bit of a challenge I’m not going to lie. More than just matching the search with the keyword I need to attract only business customer and cut out residential. So as you can image someone Googles “IT Help Desks” and they might be looking for a specific help desk, a personal help desk or a help desk to contract business services too. Wordstream Free Alternative In Ultimate SEO‘s  struggle to compete in this expensive market I tried Wordstream out for a week and a half of so and thats really not enough time to get much actionable help. I was pulled into a sales demo consultation and sure it seemed like it could offer insights but WOW … the expense associated with that out paced any other SEO tool I use. I felt the main task Wordstream was completing was organizing and presenting the data in a way that I could see the areas of need. Google Data Studio has been doing that for me in SEO for over a year now …
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Adwords Template With Search Console, Google Analytics In Data Studio

SEO & PPC Data Studio Report Using Adwords, Google Analytics and Google Search Console All-In-One Template Google Data Studio Reports are some fun things.  Here at Ultimate SEO you love visualizations and thats partially why we like Data Studio. Beyond the looks its also integrated easily with Google Sheets, Google Analytics and Search Console to name a few. These few though create a powerful free SEO PPC tool. You can check out the report directly by clicking the link above, here is an embedded look at the nine pages of live data thats basically always right.  It’s nice to be able to pull in data from two very different Google tools.  Lots of people know of Google Analytics and think it covers Google Search Console but it doesn’t and I’ll discuss that more in another post but the unique data from these sources can all mix to form one handy live report. You can check out all the information pulled here in this report and change the dates as needed using the drop down.  To personalize the report to your own site simply copy it and set the data sources to your own Google Analytics and Search Console sources.  Word of …
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Bad Backlinks: 100 Sites You Don’t Want A Backlink From.

UPDATE: 2020 – So the bad backlinks list hasn’t gotten shorter but my advice on the Disavow Tool is different than in 2019.  Originally I took the official Google answer and repeated it: “Don’t use the disavow tool unless you know of manual action taken against your domain” but … I’ve never been one to just say okay and believe it.  I need to test things and see it for myself. Prior to this experiment, I’d say that I was under the impression that using the disavow tool was dangerous.  It still is so proceed with caution. The statement in “” above is only a good one if we can trust that Google is smart enough to realize that you didn’t pay 350 sites in Sweden to link to you on a page with 10,000 other site’s links.  That would be dumb to do, so I assumed Google knew I didn’t do it.  That they wouldn’t penalize a site on theglobe.net or its hundreds of other crap domains. I was wrong, I think.  I disavowed theglobe.net’s 350 sites and overall I saw a steady improvement across the board in keyword performance. So should you disavow bad backlinks?  We’ll my answer …
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Building A Custom CDN With DigitalOcean – UltimateCDN.com

Ultimate SEO is all for trying things and testing out options.  While we’ve used JetPack we’ve settled on Cloudflare over a year ago as our preferred CDN provider.  Ultimate SEO is a Cloudflare Certified Partner and we offer SEO Hosting packages through our Ultimate SEO Network which uses https://ultimateseo.net for all infrastructure. Building a custom CDN though we registered UltimateCDN.com which we’ll use in this experiment. Speed And Mobile Search Results In previous articles we’ve discussed the importance of speed.  Two client articles addressed this: Sex, Speed And The SEO Migration of Romantic Depot to WordPress and Optimizing For Site Speed: Page Load To SEO Cloud Server Infrastructure. We have also shown how less established, less well known, less trusted sites can out rank household brands by just being faster in Can Page Speed Alone Make A Difference In Google Ranking? Yes, it even beats Domain Authority. With mobile searches number now over 50% of all searches speed is a premium means to rank up among content.  Every time this site loads in the 2 second range we gain momentum and every time I find myself dropping in the rankings I realize I forgot to turn on our CDN. Content Delivery Networks Deliver …
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Can Page Speed Alone Make A Difference In Google Ranking? Yes, it even beats Domain Authority.

Before ya flip your lid on a DA93 site losing to a DA63 site dont forget…DA doesn’t mean anything to Google.  It is a made up number.  You can read more about Domain Authority in several articles we have posted.A Case Study of SEO Speed, Domain Authority And Keyword RankThis is from a recently added FAQ to the Ultimate SEO FAQ section.  Check it out for more SEO 411.  Let me show you how important speed is….below you see the search results for a keyword.  The one on the left is for desktop, the one on the right shows mobile.  They are close but one site out ranks another in mobile where it doesn’t in desktop.Why is realtor.com not higher than zumper.com in mobile search on the right?  It is higher on desktop.  Right off this tells us 1. Mobile search results are not just the desktop results in mobile format. 2. Mobile results are displayed more often than desktop, so you really should stop Googling yourself on a desktop if you want to see the results people most often see. Consider these metrics:Realtor.com = Domain Authority: 89 Domain Score: 55 Trust Score 58 Alexa Rank 763 Registered 1996 Ads 3,900 Backlinks 57,000,000 …
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Your page speed is essential now with more than half of all searches on mobile devices. We'll tell you how you stack up and where you should improve.

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We'll report to you what keywords you current rank for, the search volume and what position you are in for those keywords.

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Backlinks are the second biggest factor in determining your site's ranking. We share where they come from and how trusted they are which influence your ranking

SEO Metrics

We provide many SEO Metrics because no one number accurately grades your site. Google uses over 200 factors in ranking.

Actual Client Reviews

Matt was excellent to work with. My site had been hacked and there were other problems related to my theme. Matt went way beyond the call of duty and fixed problems I didn’t even know I had. He didn’t know about these problems until after he got into the work. He graciously spent several extra hours getting my site in shape. He truly cares about the client and making sure they are satisfied. He’s now my go-to IT guy.

 Upwork Client


My name is Glen and i have several businesses and have been in business over 19 years. I have ordered hundreds of gigs on Fiverr and Upwork and Ultimate-SEO and Matts team is by far the best computer IT and SEO freelancers on Upwork. Don’t hesitate to order from him. Matt, he is honest, prompt, very intelligent and most important is matt is 100% trustworthy.

Matthew is highly skilled and went above and beyond for us in this project. What I like best about him is that he is constantly thinking outside the box, which helps bring things much further along than perhaps even imagined. Very efficient, good communicator, and fun guy to work with!

… was one of the top recommended freelancers and his profile gave me all of the information I needed. He contacted me quickly and was in constant contact with me through the move of my blog from Blogger to WordPress. He was so patient with my lack of knowledge and simply explained some concepts, keeping me in the loop. This was a wonderful first experience with Upwork!
Matthew is a rare combination of a person with expert knowledge of his industry mixed with creativity. He knows both the technical side and the visual artistry involved with creating a website. He is one of a kind.
Matt has been excellent to work with in setting up multiple domains using WordPress, AWS and Cloudlfare and Gsuite. I look forward to working with him again.


Google: How to hire an SEO

Our clients are setup with weekly reporting from SEOProfiler for web site errors, backlinks, keyword positioning and this data is trended and compared to allow clients to monitor the progress of our work together.  

These reports are also accessible at any time through the web portal, provided in the client’s initial setup.

You can signup for SEOProfiler directly too.

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Custom SEO Audits

The beginning of any sound SEO Strategy must include a Custom SEO Site Audit.  Before a site can move up in the rankings you have to understand why your ranked the way you are now.  Our audits and reviews give you direction.

Often clients try to just repeat the same phrases on a page thinking thats what ranks them and it’s just not the case.  Keyword stuffing actually hurts your ability to rank.

SEO Metrics

Your Domain Authority has nothing to do with your sites ability to rank.  Its a good third party indicator along with Citation Flow, Trust Flow and Authority Score among others.

Custom SEO Site Audits identify your sites existing strengths and weaknesses.

Objective Review

Let’s face it our websites our like our babies and while we think they are the best thing on the planet Google has objective assessments it makes on our site before assigning search position. This bias for our site may blind some to real opportunities to grow the site in keywords and SERP visibility.

Our Custom SEO Site Audits give you all the info and the actionable data to make positive changes.

Audit packages range from $500 to $3000 and up depending upon the site and the detail level you desire.  Our SEO Site Reviews are value based versions of our audit, learn about them below.


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As A "Top Rated" Upwork Freelancer, Matt Leffler discusses the freelance platform and provides Upwork advice and Tips. Ultimate Upwork pulls filtered feeds and displays projects of value for those interested in freelancing.

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Register your domain names with Namesilo or NameCheap.com. Avoid 1 and 1 or IONOS at all costs! Seriously like an ex who's flipped out with a chainsaw, they'll destroy you before they let you leave them.

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Cloudflare handles more internet traffic than Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Apple, Netflix, Instagram and Amazon combined.  They are a leader in web performance optimization and security.  Ultimate SEO Hosting is a Certified Partner and offers free cPanel integration with the Cloudflare network on all accounts.

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Data can convey a stronger message when visualized appropriately. Check out SEO Visualizations of sites we've worked on. Ultimate SEO also has experience integrating Google Analytics and Search Console data into Google Data Studio along with other aggrega

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Ultimate SEO LLC is a technical SEO and SEM agency located in Louisville KY and active in Chicago and New York.

Founded by Matthew Leffler, a Top Rated Upwork SEO, Ultimate SEO has a BBB A rating and offers services through this and other sites.

We’re a small business like yours and share your goals to improve your site.  Check out our policies on the store product pages concerning our commitment to doing it right.

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Our payments are handled through Paypal primarily.  For clients with larger project needs that include milestone payments we also use Escrow.com. Whichever is more convenient for you is what we can do..

These come with all the guarantees and dispute resolution protections the two sites bring to the transaction. Your payment info is never shared with us just that you have paid. 

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